Site Records

This is the most up to date information we have. Your epic flight might well have been missed if you haven’t claimed it!  For a new record or if you spot someting that needs correcting, please email the webmaster or competition secretary.

Open Distance (PG)

  Airways Airpark Chris Dawes 123.2 29-May-05 Link
  Bradwell Edge Richard Carter 253.4 09-Aug-11 Link
  Broadlee Bank Matt Canning 36.6 12-May-19 Link
  Bunster Gordon Bishop 163.0 20-Apr-13 Link
  Cat’s Tor
  Cocking Tor Neil Furmidge 163.4 10-Jun-15 Link
  Curbar Helen Gant 124.4 06-Aug-16 Link
  Ecton Helen Gant 110.7 18-Apr-17 Link
  Edge Top Jason Morrey 128.8 11-Aug-18 Link
  Eyam Edge Andy Wallis 151.4 15-Jun-11 Link
  High Edge Chris Dawes 45 1996
  High Wheeldon Andy Wallis 132.1 31-Aug-10 Link
  Lord’s Seat Richard Carter 192.1 08-Jul-18 Link
 Just one day after this: Neil Furmidge 177.2 07-Jul-18 Link
  Mam Tor Martin Knight 144.3 09-Aug-12 Link
  Roaches Phil Colbert 158.4 04-Aug-14 Link
  Rushup Edge Simon Headford 79.0 20-May-18 Link
  Shining Tor Andy Wallis 116.2 01-May-13 Link
  Stanage Ash Ghinn 118.5 15-Jul-11 Link
  Treak Cliff Ash Ghinn 136.6 10-Jul-18 Link

FAI Triangles (PG)

  Bradwell Edge Mike Cavanagh
65.8 13-May-15 Link
  Broadlee Bank Mike Cavanagh
Phil Colbert
Phil Wallbank
Barney Woodhead
62.1 21-May-14 Link
  Eyam Edge Helen Gant 28.3 02-May-14 Link
  Lord’s Seat Richard Carter 79.8 30-08-18 Link
  Mam Tor Alan Ford 94.26 17-Apr-21 Link
  Rushup Edge Matt Cook 47.6 19-May-18 Link
  Stanage Neil Furmidge 27.9 09-Apr-15 Link
  Treak Cliff Alan Ford 35.3 28-Jul-14 Link

O/R & Flat Triangles (PG)

  Bradwell Edge Lawrie Noctor 50.6 22-Apr-17 Link
  Lords David Broxholme 18.1 26-Jul-11 Link
  Mam Tor Richard Carter 60.5 11-Jul-18 Link
  Rushup Edge David Broxholme 28.6 25-Jun-18 Link