Mam Tor East

Status : Open 
Status Message Open
Wind E (SE to NE)
Take Off Mam Tor SK 128 837 1640ft / 500m
The Landslip PG SK 131 834 1150ft / 350m
The Landslip HG SK131 833, SK131 836 (seek advice if new to site)
Landing SK 140 831 690ft / 210m
Windy Knoll: SK125 831 1350ft / 410m
Airspace Daventry CTA at 4500′, Airway Amber 2 at FL65 to the East
Hospital Northern General, Sheffield
Site Code 8.002
Location Hope Valley


Before flying this site please read and fully understand this safety announcement. if in doubt please ask a coach

Mam Tor is a popular site in good conditions. XC potential is limited because of airspace, but there is good potential for triangle flights. Rig behind the wall on the northwest side, at least 50 meters from the trig point, and take-off in front of this path. Do Not obstruct the summit path. Top landing is difficult for hang gliders, Do not top land in strong winds. Land between the two walls forming an L shape, and go no further back than these walls on your approach. If new to the site make several trial approaches first. Be very aware of members of the public and bottom land instead if in any doubt about maintaining safe separation from members of the public. The Landslip take-off may be used by experienced hang glider and paraglider pilots if the wind is north of east. Rig and take off in front of the fence by the lay by.

An alternative take-off is on the landslip area directly below the East Face landslip. Only experienced pilots should use this take-off. If using it for the first time it is advisable to seek advice. The Knoll to the left of the paraglider take-off can be used by hang gliders. It is not safe for hang gliders to use the paraglider take-off. The landslip area can also be used for paraglider landing, but it is for experienced pilots only, seek advice before attempting it!

The East Face primary bottom landing is a large field SK 140 831 690ft / 210m. Do Not use any other field except in emergency. The wind will usually be very light in this field. In light winds, the Windy Knoll landing may also be used, but be aware that the wind here can be as strong as at the summit.


This is a very busy site, popular with walkers and tourists. Be aware of them when top landing, taking off, or moving your glider. Do not attempt to land hang gliders in winds over 25 mph, much less for paragliders. There is danger of severe rotor in the lee of Mam Tor, do not get blown back behind the hill.

Paraglider pilots should avoid the area in front of the top landing, and beware of hang gliders overshooting. Beware of power lines and trees when approaching the bottom landing. When the wind is SE, beware of rotor from Treak Cliff when launching at the Landslip, and in a NE wind watch out for rotor from Lose Hill and Back Tor.

If the wind is off to the NE, be careful if planning to land at Windy Knoll. There can be rotor just behind the SE shoulder running down from the summit of Mam Tor to the road. A few pilots have been dumped here in NE winds, refer to photo – Photos and Video


Experienced hang glider pilots only for top landing, not suitable for low airtime paragliders in stronger conditions. See the DSC magazine/website and notices posted at all access points for details of lambing closures in the bottom landing field. (GENUINE emergency landings only at these times, usually March/ April).

Site Officer

Stuart Harvey



Use ONLY the Mam Nick car park. For the Landslip, use the large lay-by beyond the Blue John Cavern. (Don’t park in the turning circle at the road’s end) Bottom Landing: use the car park opposite, or carefully on the roadside. Do not drive down the track into the field.


Mam Tor: As for Lords Seat, Mam Tor NW (by the stepped path) For the Landslip follow signs for the Blue John Cavern to the end of road.

Photos and Videos from the site

Be careful if returning to land at Windy Knoll. Serious rotor is caused by the SE ridge below the East face of Mam Tor. Do not attempt to overfly this ridge unless you are high, if low fly out and around the ridge.

Site Records


FAI Triangle
Distance :	68.8km
Date :	25/08/2015
Pilot :	Phil Wallbank
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

O/R and Flat Triangle
Distance :	39.9km
Date :	16/04/2015
Pilot :	Helen Gant
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

Hang Gliding
No hang-gliding records are currently known for this site