Cats Tor

Status : Open
Status Message : Site open, no currently reported issues.
Wind : W – NW
Take Off : SJ 994 759 1640 feet / 500m
Landings : 1. Pym Chair SJ 994 766, 1510 feet / 460m.
2. By car park SJ 995 768, 1510feet / 460m.
Airspace : Manchester CTA at 3000′ QNH
Hospital : Stepping Hill, Stockport
Site Code : 8.015


Goyt Valley area, west of Buxton


A good soaring site in westerly winds. The ridge can be flown south to Shining Tor (a Peak Club site). Top landing is fairly narrow and landings must be made in front of the wall to avoid the rotor behind. Cats Tor is a shared site with the Peak Club.


Becomes rough if the wind is too far off to the south. There is often turbulence at low level between Cats Tor and Shining Tor. Beware of rotor behind the wall on your top landing approach. The fields in front of take-off slope away very steeply. Paraglider pilots who go down here should note that there is a very high wall (about l0ft. high) running along the base of the ridge. If you are going down break right to land on the plateau below Pym Chair. Beware Manchester CTA, which at 3000′ above sea level gives not much more than 1000′ clear above take off.

When going down to the bottom landing fields, keep a good look out for model aircraft which may be using the lower part of the ridge.


The alternative bottom landing by the car park is closed during April for bird nesting. Shining Tor nearby is a site for Peak Club members only.

Site Officer

Steve Hudson

Cats Tor


Park in the car park north of the ridge, 150 yds. along the road to Kettleshulme. If flying XC do not leave your car overnight without informing Buxton Police. (01298 72100)


Cats Tor can be reached by a minor road running from the Errwood Reservoir to the A5002, or from the A537 by a road passing the Lamaload Reservoir. From the car park walk up to the highest point of the ridge as shown on the map, Do Not take-off from the low ridge close to the road (different owner) . If landing below Pym Chair walk to the exit, Do Not climb the fence by the road. If landing by the car park, exit via the gap in the fence in the corner of the car park, or by the stile in the far right corner.

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