Treak Cliff

Status Open
Status Message Open
Wind NNE – ENE
Take Off Treak Cliff A SK 135 832 1150ft / 350m (recommended HG take off)
Treak Cliff B SK 134 829 1100ft / 335m (recommended PG take off)
Long Cliff SK 138 825 1250ft / 380m
Landing SK 140 831 690ft / 210m
Airspace Daventry CTA at FL65, but beware of Daventry CTA at 4500′ immediately behind to the west!
Hospital Northern General, Sheffield
Site Code None
Location Hope Valley


Before flying this site please read and fully understand this safety announcement. if in doubt please ask a coach

Approached by the path passing the Blue John Cavern, Long Cliff is a good paragliding site for use in north-easterly winds, being lower it can be flown as an alternative to Lords Seat in strong winds. Most pilots using Long Cliff will launch from Treak Cliff and fly across. The East Face landing is a large field. Do not use any other field except in emergency. The wind will usually be very light in this field. In light winds the Windy Knoll landing may be used by VERY Experienced Pilots, but the wind there can be as strong as on the summit. There is a safer paraglider top landing on Long Cliff, but there is severe rotor behind Treak Cliff, do not go back behind the apex of this ridge low.

As winds tend to be more Northerly in nature when flying Treakcliff severe rotor is often apparent from Mam Tor and funnels thorough windy gap (the road to Edale from Mam Nic Carpark) again resulting in different wind conditions from the launch. EXTREME CAUTION should be used when approaching from this direction in all conditions.

Rowter Farm maybe used as a better alternative or the bottom landing field at Dunscar Farm

Windy Knoll is not advisable as a landing field.


These may be very busy sites, on the popular out and return from Mam Tor to Hope cement works. If you are tempted to fly to the top of Mam Tor read again the notes about top landing there.

Paragliders beware of hang gliders overshooting the Mam Tor top landing. Do not get blown back behind Mam Tor. Beware of power lines and trees when approaching the bottom landing field.


Treak Cliff and Long Cliff are closed during lambing (usually February to April), Notices are posted at all the access points and also see the DSC newsletter/website for dates, you may, however, overfly these sites during this period, but do not scratch!

Site Officer

Stuart Harvey

Treak Cliff


Treak Cliff: Use the large lay-by beyond the Blue John Cavern.

Long Cliff: Use the bottom landing car park, or opposite the Speedwell Cavern.


Treak Cliff: As for the landslip, then follow the path past the Blue John cavern then up to the edge. For Long Cliff, the path goes from the Speedwell cavern at the foot of Winnats Pass.

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Open Distance
Distance :	92.9km
Date :	27/04/2011
Pilot :	Gordon Bishop
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

FAI Triangle
Distance :	35.3km
Date :	28/07/2014
Pilot :	Alan Ford
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

Hang Gliding
No hang-gliding records are currently known for this site