Totley Moor

Totley Moor

Status : Open
Status Message :  
Wind : NNW to E
Take Off : TO1: SK 282 798
TO2: SK 285 796
Landings : See map
Airspace : FL65
Hospital : Northern General, Sheffield
Site Code : None
Location: Totley Moor, close to Hathersage and Totley 


Predominantly used for training (PG and HG) and PG ground handling.  TO1 is good for HG take off and landing practice, with 100′ top to bottom – soarable on a perfect day.   TO2 is 200′ top to bottom and soarable in a NNW wind.  The area marked ‘GH’ is open to all wind directions and flat, and hence good for PG ground handling.  Be aware that it is at 400m amsl and so good only for light wind forecasts.


Please be aware of people walking or engaging in other activities in this public area.  Be particularly cautious if there are horses (bridleway under take off) since they are easily scared and a fall can have serious consequences.


None.   We do share this site with aeromodellers and other members of the public, so please be courteous.

This is an open space left in trust by Aldeman Graves, with rights to recreation being granted to the public. At times there has been contention over use and any complaints should be handled courteously. Details and the name of the complainant should be passed on to the sites officer.

Site Officer

Steve Hudson



There is a small car park off the main Hathersage road by point 381 on the map, and laybys on Stoney Ridge road.


By footpath from Stoney Bridge road, or by the bridleway from the parking at point 381.


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