Lords Seat

Status Open
Status Message Site open, no currently reported issues.
Wind N (may be flown NW to NE)
Take Off Lower SK 119 835 1610ft / 490m
Upper SK 110 835 1740ft / 530m (also used for top landings)
Landing SK 112 841 1050ft / 320m
Mam Nick, SK 124 834, 463m, paragliders only
Airspace Daventry CTA at 4500′ and Manchester CTA at 3000′-3500’+ to the west
Hospital Northern General, Sheffield
Site Code 8.002
Location Edale Valley


A very good soaring site, wave is often encountered here in the right conditions and there is excellent XC potential to the south. The top landing is a very large area to the rear and left of the upper take-off, and has few problems. Hang gliders beware that the bottom landing slopes down to the road. If new to the site, or you have low airtime, seek advice on the bottom landing from an experienced pilot. The steep slope in the bottom field makes it necessary to land across the slope on a hang glider. The wind it usually light in the bottom field and can be variable in direction. If the wind is very light, the best technique is to turn back up the slope and land towards the hill. Assess the wind direction carefully on your approach and observe others landing there.

Additionally, there is an alternative landing for hang gliders (over the back at Rowter Farm SK127821). There is a landing fee of £1 payable to the farmer per pilot and is a safe alternative to top landing and carrying down or bottom landing. Landings must be made at the south end of the field where there is a flat plateau. Turbulence may be present on approach to the landing, but low down it is usually smooth. When multiple pilots have landed please collect all the landing fees together and pay the farmer in one go.

Paragliders may land at Mam Nick, SK124 834 / 463m, but it is not suitable for hang gliders.


Paragliders should be aware of the spine back on the eastern side of the ridge and make sure they can penetrate here in stronger winds. Beware of hang gliders overshooting on the top take off / landing when close ridge soaring. Hang gliders may opt to land on the western edge of the ridge and carry down in stronger winds or difficult conditions.

Wave effects can create strong turbulence and rapid changes in wind strength and direction on this site.


Low airtime hang glider pilots beware difficult bottom landing.

Special rules

It is particularly important to ensure clearance from airspace as it is can be very easy for inexperienced pilots to rapidly gain height in wave conditions.

Site Officer

Stuart Harvey



Use the car park below Mam Nick ONLY (pay and display). You may stop briefly to off-load gliders at Mam Nick. For the bottom landing park in a lay-by close to the bend in the road at the north end of the landing field.


West from Castleton on A625, turn left up the Winnats Pass, right at top, then left, the car park is 500 yards further on the right. Follow the footpath along the crest of the ridge.

Bottom Landing Access

Take the Barber Booth road over Mam Nick.

Photos and Videos from the site

Site Guide Video

Mam NW and Lords 2

Site Records


Open Distance
Distance :	165.1km
Date :	1995
Pilot :	Chris Dawes
Notes :
Tracklog :

FAI Triangle
Distance :	28.6km
Date :	25/04/2011
Pilot :	Andy Wallis
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

Hang Gliding
No hang-gliding records are currently known for this site