Eyam Edge

Status Open
Status Message Site open. No currently reported issues.
Wind S – SW (205 degrees is best)
Take Off A SK 203 777
The field is 300m east of the Barrel Pub, with gorse growing and usually a water tank in it. The gate should have a “please close” sign!
Top Landing Field A SK 104 846 860ft / 277m
Immediately behind take-off A on the other side of the road in the field with the stone quarry at its west side.
Top Landing Field B A small field more suitable for paragliding landings. This field is used by the farmer to grow silage so please do not land in it when the grass is very long from around mid-may until it has been cut.
Bottom Landing Fields Walk out up hill towards the west end of the farm buildings, to emerge on the road that runs Foolow to Bretton. If you land out please do not climb walls make your way via gates and footpaths.
Airspace Amber 2 at FL65
Hospital Calow, Chesterfield. Tel 01246 277271
Site Code None
Location Near Baslow


Not a great soaring site only 300 ft high. Needs a moderate wind to be soarable.

Can be turbulent in what seem like good conditions, Restricted bomb out landing areas directly below take off with power lines and dry stonewalls, look before you fly. Can have a benign day but it is a demanding site even for experienced pilots .

Good XC site, with flights to the North York Moors often achieved.


Paragliders should be aware of being blown back in stronger winds. Beware of possible sailplane activity. Power lines run along below the edge.


Like most DSC sites. There are sheep around that need more consideration from mid March through to May when they are lambing.

Please be aware that from mid May there are fields that are growing long grass for silage. Please try to avoid landing in them. If you do, please trample as little of the grass down as possible. It is normally harvested by the end of June.
Try not to land in any of the fields near the large mast immediately to the east; the farmer is hostile!

Site Officer

Steve Hudson


Is in the lane to the east of the Barrel pub. Please do not block the gateways. Large vehicles regularly access the small quarry to the north. The quarry track is immediately opposite the gate to our take-off, so be sure to leave plenty of room near this entrance.


Take-off is 100m from the road and accessed through a gate 300m east of the Barrel Inn pub. Please close the gate!

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Site Records


Open Distance
Distance :	151.4km
Date :	15/06/2011
Pilot :	Andy Wallis
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

FAI Triangle
Distance :	28.3km
Date :	02/05/2014
Pilot :	Helen Gant
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

Hang Gliding
No hang-gliding records are currently known for this site