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10 day temporary membership is available to suitably qualified and insured pilots visiting DSC sites.

Please be sure to read the site rules to be found here, including the relevant parts of the FAI Sporting Code, and some important information about flying in proximity to the local gliding club at Bradwell.

By clicking “Buy Now” I agree…

…to be bound by the constitution and rules of the Derbyshire Soaring Club. I understand I will be flying on Derbyshire Soaring Club sites at my own risk and I further declare that I, my heirs and executors indemnify the Derbyshire Soaring Club, its Committee and Members, Land Agents, Land Owners and will save them harmless from and against all proceedings, costs, claims expenses and liabilities whatsoever in respect or in connection with flying Paragliders, Hang Gliders or other aircraft. I also declare that, to the best of my knowledge, I do not suffer from any physical or mental condition which would render me unfit to fly. Additionally I am a current member of the BHPA (or equivalent overseas body) and of suitable rating to fly these sites.