Mam Tor NW

Status : Open
Status Message
There has been a mid-air reported at this site early in the year for each of the last three years, including the first flyable day of 2016. If this continues then it is inevitable that eventually a fatality will result. The easily soarable area of the Mam NW bowl is small and quickly becomes crowded. Please make a careful consideration of traffic levels before launching. It could be that the pilot who finally tips capacity over the edge is YOU. It could be that the pilot who dies is YOU. Please everybody take care, keep a good lookout, refrain from launching into crowded conditions, and maintain good airmanship and lookout even when conditions are less crowded.
Wind NW (may be flown from WNW to NNW)
Take Off SK 127 836 1640ft / 500m
Landing SK 139 850 790ft / 240m
Paragliders usually land at Mam Nick, SK 124 834 / 463m. It is not suitable for hang-gliders
Airspace Daventry CTA at 4500′, Airway Amber 2 at FL65 to the East
Hospital Northern General, Sheffield
Site Code 8.002
Location Edale Valley


This is a very popular site which may attract wave in favourable conditions. It may provide an alternative to Lords Seat when the wind is shifting in the northwesterly quarter. The ridge may be soared from Lord’s Seat to Lose Hill, although the easily soarable area close to take-off can be very small. The rigging area and take-off is north of the summit path, same 50 metres beyond the summit. Top landing is difficult for hang gliders, and should be made behind the L-shaped wall. Do not go behind the second wall. If new to the site make dummy approaches first. The bottom landing in Edale Valley is a good clear field suitable for both paragliders and hang gliders. Paragliders may struggle to reach this field; an early decision to use the old landing field below Peter’s Barn with the wiggle in the track should be made if in any doubt about clearing the road, river and powerlines in the bottom of the valley! Note that the wind in the valley may be more westerly than on the ridge. Paragliders can top land on the hill in lighter conditions and usually bottom land in the flat area immediately in front of the eastern end of the Lord’s Seat ridge (Mam Nick) Beware of the venturi in stronger conditions!


This can be a very busy site in the air. There have been a number of collisions and/or near-misses at this site in recent years, any one of which could easily have resulted in fatalities. In light conditions, the easily soarable area of the bowl is too small for many pilots to soar at once. If you are flying and feel it is too busy to be safe, please go and land at Mam Nick, it is only a short walk back up. If you are waiting on takeoff and it is clearly congested, please do not add to the congestion until separation improves. It’s not much fun anyway scratching in busy conditions, and it may be you that dies should you choose to continue.

There is a need to beware of members of the public in the launch area. Not suitable for novice pilots in stronger conditions, especially paragliders who would encounter severe rotor if blown back behind the hill. Stay well away from the Mam Nick venturi in stronger conditions.


Experienced hang glider pilots only for top landing, not suitable for low airtime paragliders in stronger conditions.

Special Rules

Avoid walking directly up the hill from the path below and causing damage to the ditch (an archaeological feature).

Site Officer

Owen Dickinson



Cars to be parked below in Mam Nick pay and display ONLY. You may stop briefly to off load gliders at Mam Nick. For the bottom landing park carefully on the road.


West from Castleton on A625, turn left up Winnats Pass, right at top of pass, then left to Chapel-en-le Frith. The car park is 500 yards further on the right. Ascend Mam Tor by the stepped path. For the bottom landing take the Edale road over Mam Nick, the field is half a mile past the turn for Edale village, just before some houses on the right.

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Open Distance
Distance :	114.1km
Date :	07/09/2014
Pilot :	Gordon Bishop
Notes :
Tracklog :	 xcleague link

Hang Gliding
No hang-gliding records are currently known for this site