Broadlee Bank

Status : Open
Status Message : Site open, no currently reported issues.
Wind : SE
Take Off : SK 115 863
On the shoulder of the hill.
Landing : SK 117 854
Airspace : Daventry CTA at 4500′ and Manchester CTA at 3000′-3500’+ to the west
Hospital : Northern General, Sheffield
Site Code : None
Location : Edale Valley


A good soaring site that is usually quiet due to the long uphill walk. Low airtimers should beware the small and sloping bottom landing fields.

Bottom Landing

Land in Mr Critchlow’s fields (see map). These slope quite steeply but are large fields so shouldn’t be a problem. Do NOT land in the fields between the take-off and Edale village. Landings in the large fields next to the railway are tolerated if you overshoot.


Check for lambing closures in spring. If some of the landing fields have livestock in, please try to land in one of the ones without livestock.

Special rules

There is a fee of £1 to be paid to Mr Critchlow at Shaw Wood Farm (SK 117 853) each time you fly here

It is particularly important to ensure clearance from airspace as it is can be very easy for inexperienced pilots to rapidly gain height in wave conditions.

Site Officer

Owen Dickinson

Map of Broadlee Bank



Edale village or just off the track up to Mr Critchlow’s farm (Andrew Critchlow’s farm is SK 117 853; you can see the track where it crosses the railway and meets the road at SK119 850). Please do not park in his yard at the top or block the track. He has given us permission to walk through his fields (no footpath marked on map) up to the take off.


There are two options for walking up to take-off at Broadlee: park in Edale village, head WNW along the Pennine way and turn right up the footpath that climbs up to the shoulder of Broadlee Bank, to the right of the trees. This is a shorter walk, but you’ll have a longer walk back to your car afterwards.

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Site Records

This page shows records for this site. Some of the older records may not be very detailed. More recent records may have an igc file available – you can generally find this by following the tracklogs link which will normally lead to either the paragliding or hang-gliding XC league page for that flight.

FAI Triangle	 
Distance :	64.5km
Date :	21/05/2014
Pilots :	Mike Cavanagh, Phil Colbert, Phil Wallbank and Barney Woodhead
Notes :	
Tracklogs :	MC PC PW BW
Hang Gliding
No hang-gliding records are currently known for this site