BHPA Safety Notice – Jojowings Instinct Paraglider

SAFETY NOTICE Issued by Angus Pinkerton – Chairman of the Flying & Safety Committee 9th May 2017. All paramotor and paraglider pilots, Instructors, Coaches and Safety Officers must READ, DIGEST AND TAKE ACTION on the contents of this Notice and keep it for future reference. If you hold a copy of the BHPA Technical...

Eyam – Cattle with Calves

There are now Cattle with calves in the field behind Eyam Take off. Cattle with calves can be dangerous, please avoid this field for top landing until the calves are independent of there mums. Steve DSC Site officer.

Your Club Needs You – Airspace Officer

As some of you may know our Airspace Officer Dave Luff, after several years of dedicated service, is stepping down at the end of this term and we need someone to take up the mantle. Staying abreast of changes, and proposed changes, to Local and National airspace is an essential role in the club,

Camphill Lane – Road Closure Update

Work has begun on Camphill lane so by the end of July we should once again be able to get to Bradwell edge from the South. That aside, there are also deep potholes on Duper Lane. These will continue to be a problem for us and any emergency vehicle we may need to call....

Your Club Needs you

Hey up, Fancy getting involved with a club event for PG’s and HG’s? Follow the link for more Info

New Leader

The leaderbord has had a shuffle in league 1 of the Ben Morris Cup while Chris is still the only entrant in league 2… a feeling its going to change after tmrw.

More Closures!

Last week some of our Pilots were flying Dale Head, perfectly legitimately and within our guidelines, but when they landed at the Dale Head landing near Barber Booth they were approached by a National Trust ranger

Avoiding the Public on Mam

Avoiding the Public on Mam Further to my earlier post about Flying on Saturday 22nd I’d like to congratulate the vast majority on having a great and safe first proper day of the season ..may there be many more. However, there were also causes for concern,

Lambing Closures — Important Please read!!!

You will possibly have heard about the issues raised yesterday by several pilots ignoring the Lambing closures and taking off from Treak Cliff. The farmer was upset both by our failing to stick to our agreements and by the way she was spoken to by some of said pilots. On top of that it...

Rogue Flyer

Some of you will have seen posts on facebook relating to an unqualified pilot posting some pretty scary videos of himself flying on our sites. Before seeing this I had already had contact from the chairman of the Dunstable club who wanted to pass on his clubs experiences of the same pilot. (He has...