Website Maintenance.

Hi All, The website will be down for several hours on Thursday evening for maintenance work. Please get in touch if you suspect this might cause you any issues. Cheers, Drew

Lambing and Bird Closures 2018

Here is the notice for the closures needed this year. It was designed to be simple and clear and so lacks any detail or explanation which I will post shortly. Click for a larger image. Den.  

Donations in Memory of Mick Bostock

We have received a total of £530 in donations from members who could not attend the funeral. Many thanks to those who gave donations, most of which were were sizeable and one large! Those who did attend will have made their own donations to the collection there. As decided at the last committee meeting...

Mick Bostock Memorial Donations

Many thanks to all those who have already made donations to the charities selected by Micks family (Air ambulance and RNLI) via the club. At last weeks committee meeting it was decided that the club will match any donations made through the club by members. We will keep the account open for one more...