Club Repack 2021 Postponed – Advanced Notice

Dear Members,

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions it is foreseeable that the annual club emergency parachute (reserve) repacking event will not go ahead, this usually takes place early in the year.

It is advised by the BHPA that your parachute is inspected and repacked at least as often as every 6 months.

This does not mean we will give up and roll over; we will ensure that if it is possible to arrange such an event in compliance with guidelines and law, we will do so and notify all members as rapidly as we are able. At best, it is likely to be an order of magnitude smaller than an average year due to reduced venue capacity limits etc.

We understand the importance of the regular club repacks in bringing people together to discuss emergency parachute safety, check equipment over, practise techniques, and make sure we are all as confident we can be in these systems.

In the current absence of plans for the event early in the 2021, it is recommended in advance by the DSC Committee that you either:

  • Repack your reserve independently following the manufacturer’s instructions for your parachute.
  • Pay for a commercial, BHPA certified repacking service

Bear in mind that the lead times for such professional services can be in the order of weeks, and with increased demand, these times are likely to increase.

The commercial repackers that come recommended by the DSC Committee for their assistance to the club and or locality to our flying sites are as follows (in no order of preference!):
A complete list of BHPA certified repacking services can be found here:
(Some of these individuals are linked with commercial operations.)

As usual, get in touch with anyone on committee for advice on how to proceed or a chat. 🙂

Kind Regards,
DSC Committee

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