COVID-19 Lockdown 2 Update

Dear All DSC Members
Following recent discussions and developments the committee have reviewed the information sent out to members by email and can provide the following update

Members should obey the law in making a decision whether to fly or not. Everyone’s circumstances will be different, and therefore the club cannot advise you whether you should fly or not; however we can advise that you should consider all of the following in making your decision:-
 *    The law requires you to stay at home without reasonable excuse. It lists “to visit a public open space for the purpose of open air recreation alone or with one other person” as a reasonable excuse

 *    The DfT have issued guidance that private pilots should not undertake any sport or leisure flying, in line with the requirement to stay  at home without reasonable excuse.
 *    The BHPA have issued advice that we should obey the law.
 *    Following any accident on the hill you would potentially require mountain rescue or air ambulance evacuation, and hospital treatment, all of  which present opportunities for the virus to be transmitted.  We will continue to keep the situation under review and provide updates as we are able to

 Thank you for your patience and time 
The DSC Committee

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