Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The committee takes great pleasure in announcing that following the recent change in guidance from the BHPA our previous advice not to fly has been rescinded.

Returning to flying still needs to be a personal choice, Coronavirus is obviously still a concern and it is important that pilots maintain social distancing in line with the government guidance. Please avoid pre-arranging to meet up with other pilots as that will likely be in contravention of the guidelines, this is especially important on social media. Be aware that most businesses in the Peak Park are closed, there will be very few amenities available and parking may be restricted. It is unlikely that pilots will need to park in the local villages but please give consideration to the local communities.

Please also take note of the advice of our Chief Coach regarding returning to flying, which can be found here.

Once again we would like to thank our members for respecting the committee’s advice to refrain from flying during this time.

Thank you – The DSC Committee.

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