Update from committee meeting on 16 December 2018

At the meeting on Sunday evening, warm welcomes were extended to those joining for the first time: Lee Pearce (Chairman), Wayne Smith (Safety), Seth Barber (Joint Webmaster) and Craig Ennis (Joint Webmaster).

The weather station on Bradwell Edge is up and running. A trial of the raw data feed to the website has already been successfully completed. It will take a short while to develop some reports to make the information usable. As soon as that’s done, we’ll put it on the site and let everyone know. A big thanks to Lee Cooper who is leading this project, and to the team who installed the mast: Denis Walker, Lee Pearce, Steve Spingys and Steve Hudson, Huw Green and Richard Carter.

Guy Richardson has been investigating a new membership system to handle renewals online. The go-ahead was given to install the system over the next month, so it should be in place for January renewals. In the following few months, further developments should enable it to handle bookings for club events.

Upcoming club events include the annual dinner in January (Becca Hazzard will be circulating details shortly) and the reserve repack event on 17 February (Bernard Clewer will be leading this again).

A big thank you to the 16 or so volunteers who helped clear gorse from Bradwell. There is more vegetation to clear both here and at some other local sites, so if you fancy joining the chainsaw gang please contact Denis Walker (07789266447).

Lasham Sailplane and Gliding Club are looking to raise funds for legal action to defend free flying access to airspace that the CAA would like to restrict. Although the area affected is down south outside our area, we agreed to join the BHPA and other clubs in pledging financial support should it be needed.

We know that we could be better at letting members know what is being done behind the scenes to keep the club running, and if communications is your thing and you’d like to help, your input would be very welcome. Feel free to give John Warden a call on 07990562543 if you’d like a chat about that.

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