Safety info update on the website

At the AGM there was some discussion about unsafe flying at our sites, particularly on busy days. There have been instances of aggressive flying and we increasingly hear grumbles about inconsiderate behaviour – launching without due care for approaching gliders, turning without adequate observation, scratching in front of launch, hogging the ridge on busy days – the list goes on!

As pressure on our sites grows, so does the need for careful and respectful flying. Everyone has an equal right to enjoy air time and to do so safely and without intimidation. This will only happen if we all take responsibility not only for our own flying, but for making the DSC a club where consideration is expected and we all hold each other accountable for safety.

This can’t come from ‘policing’ by just a few, and it’s not just a problem owned by the minority who present a risk. It’s up to all of us.

Some crucial guidelines from the FAI Sporting Code are now included on the website and compliance is a requirement for flying DSC sites. See the link under ’site rules’ here. Please make the time to read it.

There have also been a number of complaints following either selfish or dangerous flying close to or over the gliding club at Bradwell. There’s a page giving information about how to fly here safely on the website. Again, please make the time to read it.

Thanks, and here’s hoping we all get the opportunity to maintain currency over the winter period!

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