New Season Flying, Again!

We hope you are all enjoying the great weather and making most of flying in the Peaks. With some great weather over the past weekend has, for me personally, brought some some great flying. However, I have witnessed some alarming situations and as your Chairman feel it only right to remind you all so that we can all learn from each other.


It’s the start of the new season and some pilots placed their kit away November last year, and only get it out again now at the start of spring. Monday on Lord’s and Mam Tor was a perfect example of changing conditions and punchy thermals. One minute there was little to no wind and the next it was howling through! We need to be on our A game, the elements and those great wings above our heads take no prisoners if we get it wrong.


Find somewhere and ground handle folks, it’s paramount!!!!! Especially those who have treated themselves to a new wing and not familiar with its characteristics. As they say, an hour on the ground is worth 10 in the air, you’ll be better equipped to actively control your wing in these situations.

Site knowledge/awareness 

It as been evident over the past few days, having seen some dangerous flying, that some pilots do not know the site they are flying. We as a committee are going to put into place opportunities to meet and have on-site guidance, as it’s evident that pilots are not aware of the dangers of our various sites.

We’re not reinventing the wheel, but we will restart the breakfast club briefings that were run few years back. Watch this space for meets soon on flyable days.

Our coaches (now with fluorescent yellow armbands) and committee are always available to explain a site to you, be this on the hill, via email, or a phone call. It is always advised to receive a thorough and detailed site brief and on the day you fly. You must make this your priority before clipping in. Sites and their dangers will change with conditions, i.e. NW N NE on Lords on Monday. You must grab your this information, as it’s your body and your life on the line…


Next of kin card

This takes few minutes to write up and place it into your window on your bag or on your flight deck. If you have a bump and you’re knocked unconscious, unfortunately a possibility, the ambulance and police need those details to inform your next of kin that you have had an accident. Add to the card if you have any allergies, i.e. penicillin, it’s all information that assists those trying to help you.

If you don’t have a next of kin card, email anyone on the committee and we will send one out to you.


Fly safe!

Lee Pearce Chairman DSC.

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