Competition Flying with Ruth Churchill Dower

Preparing for Flying Adventures with Ruth Churchill Dower
Sunday 13th March 7pm – Camphill Gliding Club

Ruth will be talking about her journey into competition flying, how it has transformed the way she flies, how it impacts on her life as a mum, and what pitfalls she has discovered that are worth avoiding! Suitable entertainment for blokes and girls alike. Specifically, Ruth will be covering:

· Three steps to competitive flying
· Discovering our greatest potential and tackling our greatest fears
· The secrets of winning battles as a flying mum
· Dealing with life and death
· Up close and personal in the recent PWC – what went wrong?

A bit about Ruth
Ruth Churchill Dower is a championship and PWC pilot from Yorkshire. She is mum to two amazing kids (Evan and Chia) and runs a training company, Earlyarts UK, helping early years teachers use creativity to nurture their young children’s brains. She’s most creative however when she’s flying, and particularly likes flying slow and high in amazing mountain ranges. She enjoys making her husband (Pat Dower) jealous by texting him photos from 6,000ft above Lake Annecy when he’s at work… Luckily he rarely offers a retrieve so there’s not much to lose.

Ruth describes herself as more of an intuitive pilot. She likes to listen to the wing, feel the air around her, watch the birds and insects, and generally use all of her senses to navigate the best route through the sky. During competition races, her competitive streak comes out and she is often heard whooping and singing her way through gaggles on full throttle. Ruth also enjoys (if that’s the right word) an annual SIV trip to keep her bad habits at bay, and fuel her misguided belief that, one day, she might actually become a real acro pilot. This ignores the fact that she still lives in Yorkshire – the rainiest part of the UK – but hey, it’s only a small detail.

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