Upcoming Pilot Lectures

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve put together yet another series of Sunday evening lectures covering the BHPA Pilot syllabus. These will each be held at 7pm in the lecture room at Camphill, and will culminate in the Pilot exam. We are very lucky to have such knowledgeable coaches willing to give their time to help us all become better pilots, and we’re most indebted to them.

Here are the dates for your 2018 diary:

February 11th Air Law presented by Pat Dower
February 18th Flight Theory presented by Benjamin Hille
March 4th Meteorology presented by Mike Miller
March 11th The Pilot Exam invigilated by Nigel Page

Any member wishing to obtain a BHPA Pilot rating needs to register in good time by contacting Nigel on pilotexam@derbyshiresoaringclub.org.uk He can then ensure that everything is correct, you’ve paid your fee and that your exam papers are ordered in good time for the exam. Please help make Nigel’s work easier by making it your job to find out exactly what you need to do. You can learn about the exam, how to revise and what is entailed on the Pilot Exam Syllabus document on the BHPA website. You must have all your practical tasks signed off by a coach before sitting the exam. If in doubt, ask.

The Pilot Exam Syllabus document suggests various revision materials, including the BHPA Pilot Handbook and attending club lectures like these. Previous presentations covering the Pilot rating syllabus have been recorded and are available here.
Meteorology 1
Meteorology 2
Theory of Flight
Parts of our evening lectures involve discussion and interactive group activities, which don’t translate well to video. So although these videos are useful for study and revision, they lack some of the advantages of attending lectures in person.

All the presentations are free and open to all. Although primarily aimed at covering the BHPA Pilot syllabus, the lecturers are knowledgeable and experienced, and the subject matter is useful to all pilots. So whether you’re just starting out or very experienced, you are welcome to come along.


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  1. Nigel Page - Jan 17, 2018

    Note the start time of the exam is nominally 7pm but we may try and start it a bit earlier. Once pilots are registered we can easily inform them of any changes to the start time.

  2. ChrisD - Jan 17, 2018

    Excellent, thanks Ash

  3. Ash - Jan 30, 2018

    Pat says,

    “For the Air Law lecture on Sunday 11th February, it will be very useful to you if you have watched the video of last year’s lecture on the subject given by Gordon Bishop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxmMRsRGuGk&feature=youtu.be

    You will need to bring:

    – Your most up-to-date Air Maps and/or your instrument with airspace on.

    – Note pad and pen.

    See you there!”


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