First Aid Workshop with Lee Pearce

Thursday 17th & Sunday 20th March at 7pm

First Aid is a life skill that you may need to depend on to save someones life, or your own! The best way to handle an emergency is to be prepared for one. Knowing what to do ahead of time can give you the confidence to stay in control so that you change the outcome for the better.

This First Aid evening will give you the fundamental skills to deal with an incident out in the field. Unlike other first aid courses that are based around the principle that you are always near civilization, we have teamed up with battle hardened Lee Pearce who will be sharing his experience of 20 years in the army that include 7 operational tours. In July 2015 Lee was also responsible for setting up a community EMS scheme operating from Kindred Barracks. He has a vast experience of dealing with casualties at the point of injury in highly demanding situations whether on the battlefield or in the community..

Ok so a flying site is not exactly a battlefield and nor are you likely to get shot or blown up if a glider falls out of the sky, but It will give you the fundamental, life saving basics that will allow you to react instinctively in stressful conditions. We will cover the basic techniques that you can use from the initial emergency all the way to the extraction of a casualty.

The 2hr evening will comprise of a mixture of Powerpoint and attendee participation. Running on the Wednesday 17th March and repeated on Sunday 20th March. it will be open to DSC members only with spaces to limited to 30 people per evening. We may be able to increase these numbers depending on the availably of other instructors’ so please lodge your interest below as it is a first come first served basis

If you would like to secure a place then please click the link below and post your preference of attending either the 17th or the 20th Nov

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