BP Cup 2019

May 3rd-6th (Pennines) & August 8th-11th (Dales).

Entries for the 2019 BP Cup are now open! As they say on their website, “The UK based paragliding competition for pilots in the non-skygod category. Our aims are – flying, fun and learning – in that order!”. It has 2 rounds this year – Pennine and Dales. Full details and registration on the BP cup website linked here.

Pennine Round. HQ and camping will be at the Bowland Forest Gliding Club at the foot of Parlick.  Friday 3rd – Monday 6th May, registration evening of Thursday 2nd May.

Dales Round. HQ and camping will be at the The Dalesbridge, near Austwick. Thursday 8th – Sunday 11th August 2019, registration evening of Wednesday 7th August.

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