Covid-19 Regulations Update

The Government amended the COVID regulations on Friday 5th March 2021. As a result, the BHPA has updated its guidance:

Therefore, consistent with our previous position in November, the BHPA takes the view that hang gliding and paragliding are legal forms of outdoor open air recreation and where there is no landowner objection, flying in England can resume from 8 March 2021.

Pilots may resume flying DSC sites from 8th Mar 2021 if they feel that they can do so inline with BHPA advice and government legislation.

It is your decision to travel and the committee holds no responsibility for any penalties you may incur, as authorities may not be aware of the changes to the regulations.

Please maintain social distancing and respect other COVID-19 restrictions. Any DSC sites where the landowner has specifically requested that we do not fly will be marked as closed on the website.

Please also note that lambing restrictions are in place, please refer to the Lambing closures for 2021.

We’re all very excited about the prospect of getting back into the air, but please don’t let your enthusiasm outweigh your sense of caution. The coaching team have issued guidance and will offer support in accordance with the continuing restrictions on social contact. The safest way to regain your confidence and currency is to fly in benign conditions. Take your time and beware Spring thermals!

DSC committee

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