Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear DSC members

As a committee we have discussed the aspect of paragliding and the current virus. We cannot and would not expect to stop flying unless BHPA or powers higher state otherwise, however we have decided to carry out the following;

Firstly ; Marc Asquith posted this on Facebook this evening

“The BHPA takes the view that there is no reason for us to stop flying.”

This is in line with what we have agreed but obviously situation is very changeable so for how long we’ll see……..

We as a club are cancelling any organised meetings,
presentations or social gathering until told otherwise.

We would also mention that if any feelings any of the virus then do not fly! God forbid you have a bump and need medical treatment it’s additional burdens the already stretched emergency services do not need.

Finally please consider if planning XC in the forth coming months to plan well your retrieve i.e. public transport and adhere to the direction set out by the government.

Keep well and fly safe
Lee Pearce

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