Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

The DSC committee would like to take a moment to thank our members for showing self discipline and taking a common sense approach right now.

It is excellent that the NHS, and other rescue and support services are being considered at the forefront of our minds. Indeed the collective, voluntary decision not to fly (or even ground handle!) is without doubt a frustrating one, but highly commendable, and much needed.

We are doing ourselves, the club, and the sport proud. Thank you!

Like many other groups that are normally highly active in the outdoors, we are asking ourselves questions on how the timing of a potential lifting of national restrictions of movement (the “lockdown”) would relate to our freedom to go flying in the hills or Derbyshire.

We ALL want to fly ASAP, I’m sure we will ALL agree on that.

As soon as key stakeholders show positive signs with regards to the public being able to utilise our fantastic outdoor environments, we will make a clear announcement to reverse the club’s official recommendation to not fly our sites.

We will then be able to cautiously and sensibly begin to enjoy this fantastic weather and be airborne once more.

The committee and coaches will be out as soon as this happens to offer support and coaching to those that need a refresher on any key skills that may have lapsed during this extended layoff.

Andy Mac (DSC Chief Coach) has a great plan in place for when this happens, and of course if anyone has specific questions – feel free to get in touch online or by phone with the committee and we will do our utmost to provide guidance.

Until then, stay safe, and thank you again for your continued support.

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