Fame and Fortune

… are massively overrated. Instead, go for the long term satisfaction of knowing you’re part of the team that helps making flying with the DSC great, and if you think that ‘great’ can be ‘greater’, to make it happen!

The secretary vacancy has now been filled (many thanks and ‘welcome’ to Kevin Say, who’s already got DFHGC secretary on his CV so it’s great to have him on board), but don’t worry if you think this means you’ve missed your chance to help.

We still need a Webmaster and a Newsletter Editor.

I’m stepping down from the committee as Webmaster, and we’d also creating a new role, Newsletter Editor. There are obvious links since the website is a lot about communications and content, so there’s scope to blur boundaries to suit individuals.

I’ve tried to make the webmaster role a more manageable one to take over, with things in quite a good state, documented, and with a small backlog of new ideas to take things forward or to be left alone, added to, or replaced by better ideas as desired.

The ideal candidate will be fairly technical, comfortable with WordPress and able to deal with a wider technical platform; an eye for detail, an understanding of website usability and effective communication, plus a focus on keeping things maintainable and useful. It does require a certain degree of commitment.

The Newsletter Editor role will involve commissioning and gathering content, or creating it if that appeals, and can be as big or as small as desired (both the role and the person). It’s new, so it’s yours to make of what you wish!

Please get in touch to find out more. We’d be especially keen to hear from people with different perspectives and backgrounds, new ideas and a desire to help keep the club fresh, diverse and welcoming. Sky god status or 300 years local knowledge definitely not a requirement!

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