Chief Coach Update

As the Chief Coach of your club, I am writing to you as we approach the long-anticipated moment when Paragliding will be starting again in certain parts of the UK.  After what seems an eternity post winter and the COVID19 lockdown, I want to offer some friendly advice as to how we as a club should approach this from the...

Spring Flying

As the weather looks to be turning more Spring like, you’re probably thinking it’s time to end that Winter lay-off (if you haven’t already). Some safety musings before you head out to try and find somewhere remotely near Windy Knoll to park… Equipment · You went to the DSC reserve re-pack, right? Your reserve...

Drone Operations 26th and 27th May 2018

Please see the following communication recieved today from Chanel 5 who will be filming using drones on our sites with approval from the Nation Trust. Pilots are advised to avoid the areas listed at while filming is in progress.

Military Exercise 11th – 18th May – Increased Air Traffic!

Just a heads up about a pre planned joint UK & overseas military exercise that’ll see various jets and military aircraft flying in around Yorkshire, especially around Leeds Bradford Airport who are the hosting airport. 3 Apaches have already been seen flying low level, under ridge height past Curbar on Wednesday. News Article  

BHPA Safety Notice – Jojowings Instinct Paraglider

SAFETY NOTICE Issued by Angus Pinkerton – Chairman of the Flying & Safety Committee 9th May 2017. All paramotor and paraglider pilots, Instructors, Coaches and Safety Officers must READ, DIGEST AND TAKE ACTION on the contents of this Notice and keep it for future reference. If you hold a copy of the BHPA Technical...