Hathersage Memorial Hall Saturday 23rd September 2-4pm.

As well as Chair I am the clubs Stanage sites Officer and have been representing the club on the Stanage forum management group…this has proved very useful giving us a direct link to other users, some notable locals, the warden and the peak park manager who proved very sensible in her approach.
However the Peak Park Authority has lost 36% of its funding and has responded by a complete change in management and a new set of policies. They have sacked the Stanage manager and seem to be going for a more centralised top down approach which marginalises the forum and the management group .. the chairman resigned as a result and left the group much weaker!
We have little idea what they intend to do except to increase revenue in any way they can, mainly by charging users. They will start by enforcing parking charges in the car park and making more or all of the parking chargeable..
Every year there is an Public meeting which is the full Forum and the AGM of the management group where the public attending can ask questions and are asked to re-elect the management group. I have done a wall chart presentation as I’m going to be away and Pete Denver is standing in for me to answer questions..this oulines our activities on Stanage and is my election pitch
The main event however is that the New Park management will present their Vision for the Park and be there to answer questions. The meeting has become quite heated in the past when discussion lead to deadlock.
It would be good if a few of our members;, who are all Stanage users, could attend to show our interest and ask questions if neccessary. There will be free refreshments!! People living locally might be interested anyway..and by that I mean Sheffielders as well as Hope Valley dwellers.
More details will be available from The Peak Park this space

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