Leed Bradford Airspace Consultation

Leeds Bradford Airspace Change Proposal (LBA ACP)

The Proposals from Leeds Bradford which would have the effect of grabbing large areas of airspace outside their current limits and limiting the xc potential of both our club and those of the Dales, Pennine and Cumbria clubs has been published http://www.leedsbradfordairport.co.uk/media/2643/lba-acp-consultation-document-issue-2.pdf

It is a long and over complicated document ..if you don’t want to read it all the main things that interest us are: The map and height charts pages 27-29, References to RHADS and gliding clubs page 48. (page nos on document not acrobat!) If you live in the area effected the section on noise is important!

Working with those clubs and the Sailplane clubs similarly effected along with the BHPA and the BGA we have been involved in the process of consultation that has so far taken place informally over the last two years.

Now we are in the formal consultation period which ends on 6th October and it is time for us all to get in our formal written responses.

I have written the Clubs formal response which you can find at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ug8zDtjITlp6nDbV7Qj6rtOSzQ3keDfeKahswtCV1Ew I am still working with Ash on Appendix B but the rest is pretty much what will go off in a few days.

Whilst I had been hoping for input from the BHPA and the BGA’s Regional Soaring Representative these haven’t yet materialised. But we are already over half way through the consultation period and time is pressing on. They may be available shortly to give more help

Now is the time when we need your help and I want to give you sufficient time to respond.

You will see from our response that we have stated that we have over 500 members. We need a significant proportion of you to support our case. If you don’t then it degrades our case.

But there is no point in copying our response word for word: this carries less weight than something written passionately in your own words. But in order to make things a bit easier I have listed a few bullet points that you may wish to support and expand upon:

  • State that you are a Hang/Paraglider pilot, member of the BHPA and DSC (and any other clubs), and that you support the club’s response. If you just say this its better than nothing!!

  • That you oppose the proposal as it currently stands, and that you do not believe it is justified, especially since the forecast increase in passenger numbers has largely been overtaken by BREXIT and a downturn in the economy.

  • Main concern 1: The effects of CTAs 10,11,12, and 13. and the effects that they will have on our ability to use the Upton Corridor….and the consequent damage to our sport.

  • Main concern 2: The safety issues relating to us having to spend more time in a congested choke point

  • Any particular flying experience that you have of these areas, or your aspirations to fly in them.

  • Any other general points that you want to make (noise, environment, etc).

  • Make sure that you include your name.

Email your response to: LBaconsultation@ospreycsl.co.uk

Title: LBA Consultation Response

The deadline is 6 Oct 17. You have just over a month but please make sure you send some response.

I have no idea what our chances of success are. But I do know that I have done everything that I can to fight it. Now it’s your turn. Please don’t let the club down.

And when you have written your response can you please send me a copy or at least let me know you have done one so that I know how many members have responded..chairman@derbyshiresoaringclub.org.uk .I do not trust Leeds Bradford to publish the full number.

Denis Walker


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