Drones on Mam Tor, Fri 10th-Sat 11th

A film crew and the National Trust rangers will be around all day, both days, with drone usage all day on and off. They’re keen to make sure things keep safe and will have an extra lookout with the drone operator at all times. Obviously we’ll want to do our bit too on the odd occasion where the drone might present a risk, and perhaps be accommodating or provide info if need be.

They’re making a documentary to do with one of the local walking groups and will be filming along the whole of the walk route shown on the attached map. As you can see, it’s only if Mam itself is flyable that there might be anything to think about (looks a bit iffy right now but keeps changing!)

If it turns out to be ‘on’ and busy, it might be worth letting any obviously ‘visiting’ pilots know that there’s a small chance of officially sanctioned drone presence.

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