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Ground handling - offer from Airways  


There is currently a lot of discussion about how to deal with the “rustiness” that we will all experience after such a long layoff, compounded by reduced airtime last year.
In light of this, any BHPA  members who would like to practise groundhandling their wings, would be welcome to use Darley Moor Airfield, to regain their skills.
There is no charge – we just want people to be safe when they get back in the air.
For those unfamiliar with Darley Moor, it is a big, open, flat, grass field – the home of Airways Airsports. It is just south of Ashbourne, Derbyshire – postcode DE6 2ET.  Because of its size, the wind is pretty steady and you can set yourself up with lots of space to practice.
We have strict Covid procedures and need to monitor numbers visiting the site, so we do need to know if you intend to visit – you can do this either by email pppor phone:
01335 344308
The airfield will be open for groundhandling practice 7 days a week from 9th March for those local enough to be able to visit within travel restrictions.  From 29th March we expect to be teaching again, and anyone wanting to groundhandle their paragliders en route to the hills, or at any other time, would be welcome – just let us know when to expect you.
Please bring a face covering in case you need to use the toilets, which are inside the clubhouse.  For insurance purposes we need to see proof of BHPA membership so please bring your card, and you will need to fill out a form which gives you temporary membership of our Club. We expect our café to be open from 12th April for those who want breakfast or a cuppa and cake after their exertions

Posted : 01/03/2021 17:28

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