Autumn & Winter

Autumn & Winter  


Autumn is upon us and Winter will be here soon enough (still waiting for my chance to capture the Peak wearing a blanket of snow from above). Autumn & Winter generally give less turbulent air - the thermals have mostly headed South - and a more consistent wind speed. Braving the cold through the off seasons give us the opportunity to keep some currency, ready for when things switch back on in Spring.

Shorter days and lower cloud-bases do conspire to curtail the opportunities - not to mention muddy fields and inhospitable hillsides for parawating & parabolx (is it called hangwaiting too?)

Be aware that the colder denser can pool in valleys, with faster moving air ripping over the tops of the hills - wind sheer. Pilots have reported, for example, turbulent conditions on Stanage that resemble the patterns that might be associated with Helmholz cloud formation. Do remember to check the forecasts for the wind at altitude as well as at the surface.

Autumn & Winter flying can be spectacular - Winter wave days in particular can be awesome. Retreating into hibernation isn't compulsory.

Don't forget to wrap up warm if you do venture out

See you on the hill.

Fly Safe
Safety Officer

Posted : 10/10/2021 12:41

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