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Another (different) gliding club post  


Burn is an active glider towing club just South of Selby.

The Chairman of Dales HG&P Club, Martin, was approached at an airspace users group meeting by a glider pilot from Burn. Said glider pilot told Martin that a 'swarm' of paragliders had flown past his gliding club one day earlier in the year. Martin asked if any had caused a problem for them and he said that one had - although he quickly complimented the pilot on a low save from about 400' AGL and commented on how quickly he climbed out.  

This was on 30 Apr 22, claiming that a single paraglider flew straight over their airfield at about 13.45hrs at approx 1,500' from SW to NE. "From memory within about 20mins of the first sighting we ended up with about 10 paragliders within the circuit."

RASP Archive shows wind that day was a SW'ly. (That's the Dales club off the hook 😉) From the XC League that a number of pilots flew from Eyam to the coast. Most passed a 'reasonable' distance from Burn. 2 passed through the overhead, but both were well above the 2,000' AGL listed in the AIP. The AIP doesn't mention a radius for the club. 

Folks - this is just a gentle reminder to DSC members to say clear of towing operations at Burn (and gliding clubs in general)

Fly Safe

Posted : 16/11/2022 16:46

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