Trespass Law = Site...

Trespass Law = Site loss?  


It seems the Government is looking at making Tresspass a criminal act.

The BHPA may at some point wake up to this threat to our freedom to fly,  J Youle is on it for the DSC.

It is my understanding of site politics, that leads me to the view that on most of our sites. We have been able to make agreements to fly partly because we pay and partly because it is lots of hassle to get rid of us. Exceptions. Stanage Edge safe 1974 act?  Blacka moor=Public open space.

National Trust? = Their Tenant farmers don`t trust them, do we?  The Gardian make the wake up call.

It is not all negative though, because as it stands flying from land without the owners permission will only result in them asking you to leave. So at the moment it is a good time to expand your a horizons and try a few Derbyshire hills that may sometime soon become illegal to take off from.

Yes I know Farmers  get on average £33000.00 in Single farm payments from the taxpayer (not all farmers) and Landowners have come to expect taxpayers money to look after their land for you. (Natural England) Any way it seems now paying people to own land  is not enough. They need you to pay the police and courts, to take you away and fine you some money. No doubt if you don`t pay you will be put in prison. Cost to your fellow pilots (taxpayers)£118 per day.  


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Posted : 19/08/2020 11:24

A lot of very good points there. As far as I'm aware the actual bill hasn't been published yet, but if it follows what was in the conservative manifesto it will be publicised as a measure to target travellers setting up camp on private land. Of course if you wild camp in a motorhome it will be easier to prosecute you too - no-one will have to prove damage or anything like that you are simply there and that will be an offence. But whilst the headline is travellers camps which will find support amongst the general public, the text will "make deliberate trespass illegal". This general offence means that you are committing a criminal offence by being on private land unless on a public footpath or bridleway. This will take us to a position similar to that before the Kinder Mass Trespass, and if you think the trespass law won't be policed just remember that 5 men were sent to prison for the Kinder trespass.

This law needs to be resisted and people need to wake up to an attack on our freedom to access the countryside.

Posted : 23/08/2020 19:08

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