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Electric Paramotor Pilot. Flying the DSC sites?  


17th November 2023.

For DSC discussion. What do we think? 

Paul. Last name? Flew his Electric paramotor from the Barrel Inn along Eyam edge and on to Bradwell edge. Paragliders and Sail-Plains flying at the time.

I did explain to him that the DSC would prefer PM pilots not to fly in the vicinity of our sites as PM make a noise disturbance. Even Electric ones.

He said he had AXA paramotoring insurance?  


Posted : 18/11/2023 16:33
Chris Dervin - New Members Officer

A lot of potential problems here. If I was a paramotor coach or an experienced paramotor pilot I would have suggested his choice of TO was poor, windy, rotor, buildings, cars, etc. His flight plan flying along soaring sites, especially on the day he picked was flawed as he would encounter slow moving paragliders and the day was also far from laminar looking at the wave bar Dima climbed out on over Bradwell on the same day. On the same day I flew on Stanage but landed early as it was rough with weak wave and unpredictable close to the ridge. Coaching or education would probably help Paul. Perhaps talk to Phil at the Barrel as the landowner how would he deal with any damage caused to a clients car, he may reconsider his permission? I believe Rowtor Farm allows paramotors to use their land to TO and land provided they seek prior permission, potentially less hazardous than a high level TO. As club pilots all we can do is try to educate Paul if we see him on hazards   

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Posted : 19/11/2023 10:16
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