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DSC members, our flying world. Map?  


As you may know Mark has taken to going to Paraglide in India in winter. Unfortunately he will miss my DSC weather talk. He graciously emailed me to say he could not make the talk. this is my reply.

Dear Mark.

What I was hoping to do in or after the talk, was find some way for our members. Adventurous members like you, to share there exploits and knowledge with the other DSC members. Something like this. A list with good flying placed marker on a world map.

e.g.  Mark India= (site or sites) Time of year=(20th Jan to 20th Feb) weather=(five great days) Ridge soaring coastal=(20 h) Ridge soaring Hills=(20) XC=(hills, flat lands, mountains) O/R (20-50 km) Best Triangle=(60 km) usual triangle (30 km) Guide  or  unguided? Hospitals= (issues with rescue)  smooth days=(2) rough days(2) other act activities not flyable=(bars and local fun, sailing? Normal cost to get there=(£200) cost of weeks stay=(£100) cost of other entertainment=(£100) cost of Guiding=(£100) quality of guiding out of ten=(6) video=(link) I am sure you are having a good time. Site video here.

May be some member out there would be up for refining this idea for our forum?

Retrieve app?

The DSC could build up a real pilots view of our paragliding world. Out there for us to try. Steve.

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Posted : 09/02/2020 17:24
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hi all, anyone want to help me with this? click this link to view the initial draft of a DSC Holiday Map

Steve Hudson had this great idea of sharing flying holiday info with each other, so we could see on a map where to go at different times of year and we could share info with each other... e.g. if I wanted to go on a flying holiday next Feb, I could have a look on the map for where's a good place to go in winter, could see that e.g. Columbia might be good at this time of year, and could find other people I know who've been before and could ask them about local flying conditions, is it worth hiring a guide or a hire car, is it suitable for me, is there other stuff to do there if I get a week of unflyable weather... 

I've set up a map to start with; it shows which pilots I know have been to particular places before and bits of info from people who've sent it but it'd work loads better if we all added to it. If you have flown somewhere abroad and are happy for other DSC members to ask you about it, please could you email me with the location(s) you've been to and any info you think might help a pilot who's never been there and I'll update the map? Thanks!

Even if you're new to flying or have only flown somewhere once, it's all potentially useful - this time next year there could well be someone newer than you who wants to fly there, or another DSC pilot who's never been there at all and doesn't know if it's worth even taking their glider! 

Let me know if you spot errors in it, I haven't checked that it's picked up the right Gourdon in France,  or the right St Andre etc. and I have just put "Columbia" rather than a specific site in Columbia as I don't have much info back from people yet! 


Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

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Posted : 19/02/2020 15:50
Chris Dervin - New Members Officer

Emailed this:


Piedrahita 5 times, PG, guide - Steve Ham
Annecy 2 times PG, SIV & XC Week with Jocky,
Once unguided
Larange, Charbe Comp Week
Winter (Feb)
Algo, 3 times, PG, Guide - Baz Rhodes
Algo, once, PG, Guide - Chris Williams
Oludendiz, once, booked flight and hotel Jet2, unguided but cheaper to flight during air games


Posted : 21/02/2020 09:19

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Posted : 25/06/2020 09:19

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