Greetings from a vi...

Greetings from a visiting pilot  



I've recently started a postgrad. course in Nottingham so I'm living there for at least 1 year, maybe 2.

I'm from the Isle of Man and I've been flying for nearly 4 years.

Although I've flown all over the world (I went travelling last year) I've never flown in the UK so I'm keen to get some flying in (in between studying of course).

Is there a messaging group or something I can join to know where to go?

See you on the hill!

Posted : 11/10/2019 08:48

Hi Rscorlett,

We do have Telegram groups to help coordinate plans and discuss the varying types of rain you'll become acquainted with in your time here.

If you PM me your mobile number (I think that's possible on here) I can add you to the group's to get a feel for our activity levels, i.e. if it's flyable there will be people out somewhere.

As you're going to be around for a while it's worth you joining the club as a full or associate member (if you're a member of another club), rather than paying the short term visitor fees.

Are you a BHPA member? I think this is a requirement for flying our sites for insurance reasons but there may be an exemption for international licenses (I'm quite new so don't have all the details dialled just yet!).

Either way we're a welcoming bunch, feel free to join the Facebook group as it's much more active than this forum.

As you're based to the south of the Peak District it may also be worth speaking to the Peak Soaring Association who have negotiated access to sites that maybe more accessible for you and provide more options. There is lots of overlap in our club memberships, so you'll likely meet familiar faces wherever you are.


Posted : 08/11/2019 04:49

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