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Hi all,

I believe I'm DSC's newest member.
I'm also a red ribbon with little airtime.
I'm looking for a good introduction to the DSC.
I hope to head out to a flyable site this weekend and would appreciate if someone could adopt me, show me the ropes, site brief and everything between.
Looking forward to flying with everyone!

Much appreciated.

Posted : 15/05/2019 18:19
Chris Dervin - New Members Officer

Hi Matt,

Lots of good info on DSC site be sure to read site guides. I also created a site with reminders for myself for things I found useful as a new CP (over the last 3 years). You may find it useful, I use it daily to check weather links Any other questions just get in touch I am the new members officer. Be sure to get a site brief for any sites you are unfamiliar with from one of our coaches by contacting Ash Ghinn (Chief Coach). If its flyable I am usually out not a Coach but can share my mistakes to hopefully avoid you repeating them 🙂


Posted : 16/05/2019 05:27

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