Your Club Needs You – PG Comps Officer

Providing safe, inclusive, fun competitions for the membership to partake in is an important role taken up by the committee and more specifically the Competitions Officers. Not only do competitions provide a way for members to improve their own flying but they also provide a great opportunity to take part in what is essentially a fun, social event with other like minded members of the DSC.

Our current PG comps officer Scott has done a great job reinvigorating the competition scene, but now feels it’s time to pass on the baton. Are you interested in helping organise competitions? Perhaps you know someone who is interested in competitions and would like to get involved? In either case please let us know, email and remember, you don’t need to be a sky god to help out!

I speak from experience of being the club web master when I say that the task of taking a role on the committe is not an arduous one. Much can be accomplished by investing just a little time and enthusiasm!

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