Is it possible to g...

Is it possible to go out of your door with out braking the Law?  


2019 Reith Lectures by Jonathan Sumption. worth the time to listen to this Man. 

He has an interesting point of view about Lock down.

Posted : 07/04/2020 16:01
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Hi Steve, not sure if this is what you're after but;

Health Protection Act 2020 and Coronavirus Act 2020 state that English citizens (different in Scotland and Wales) must remain in their homes until the next review meeting with the well known reasons for leaving your dwelling including a period of exercise, the interesting bit is the LAW (not advice) does not state the duration or frequency of this exercise, there is no restriction (by law) on driving to the place of exercise or on the type of exercise as long as social distancing is honoured.

We would not be breaking the law to go flying! But not to show solidarity with our society and it's current suffering would be unthinkable (not to mention the possibility of an accident requiring hospitalisation)

My daily walks are at least 3hrs, wish it was a 3hr flight but hayho.

Neil D

Posted : 18/04/2020 16:09

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