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Paraglider accident today.
I am saddened to report a serious paraglider accident that took place today (25.5.17) at 2.40pm.
I would like to thank Bob, Shane, Chris, Rupert and anyone else who gave a speedy hand to a fellow pilot in need.
I have also been asked by the injured pilot (David Bell) to inform and thank all those who helped in his recovery to Hospital (by air ambulance) and thank all those who landed once the helicopter was inbound.
I can also say David has two broken vertebra to his lower back and is expected to remain in hospital for a full evaluation of his injuries.
I think I can say for the whole club and David's friends that we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

If anyone witnessed the accident please do file an on - line Incident Report Form from the BHPA web - site.

Just a quick reminder to all pilots on any possible inbound Air Ambulance due to be attending an accident on any flying sites or landing fields or signs of a possible helicopter evacuation:
Red smoke signal (if to hand).
A radio call on the club frequency (143.950) to state a Helicopter may be inbound or is inbound.
Some paragliders in the air may be pulling 'big ears' (if safe to do so) to notify others and those who may not have a radio, that an accident has happened and / or a helicopter is on it's way.
Pilots / people waving at you to try to draw your attention.
Pilots flying down to the landing field in larger numbers than normal.
If you are flying and suspect any of the above and / or other signs, please land (when safe to do so) or if high, fly well away from the ridge / area and stay well away.

Once the helicopter arrives and has landed, please be patient and do not fly (even if the rotors have stopped). The reasons are many, but one may be if the helicopter is needed for another incident it may leave at any time and may not be able to take - off if others are in the air.
Please do not take - off again until the helicopter has left the scene (and you are 100% sure it is not coming back).
Always use common sense.
This was one of the quickest evacuations I have seen in many years and Edale Mountain Rescue and the Air Ambulance crew were simply superb.
Thank you and fly safe.
CFI - Mark Bosher ...

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Where is best place to go on Sunday? Lakes? I'm looking for unfailing thermals.
Have plenty of ridge experience, little thermalling (i.e. flown in thermic conditions but never circled in a gaggle). This Sun looks like a good starting point.
Any advice, please?

InB4: Due to work schedule and gf, I can't go out on week days and even weekends are usually questionable. ...

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First visit to Bradders in over a year tomorrow, can we still drive via Abney, landslide fixed? ...

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Any movements today? Looks strong on XCweather what are people's thoughts ...

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Hi all,Have Spoke to David today and he as asked me to post a update following his accident yesterday.
Still in the Northern general with two fractured vertebrae, he has just seen the surgeon and they will monitor him over the next 3-4 days hopefully avoiding surgery.He's not taking visitors today and will be being moved wards.
Dave thanks all those who helped with his extraction especially to "Dr Mark Bosh" and the three mates.

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