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You must join the BHPA, who govern the sports of paragliding and hang gliding in the UK before you can join the DSC. Additionally you must complete some basic training before you can fly with other members of the club. There are several schools in the Derbyshire area, and lots of information on the BHPA website:

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The DSC  was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality to members ever since. Located in the picturesque and delightful Derbyshire Peak District, DSC has over 500 members and does all kinds of awesome things for and over the Peak.

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Bad news from Peak Soaring Association regarding High Wheeldon:

Important information
Site Closer - Lower / High Wheeldon
From immediate effect (22 .6 .17) Low / High Wheeldon is now CLOSED to all flying.
Some very sad news, but the Farmer / land owner of High / lower Wheeldon has asked the committee to notify all PSA members / visiting pilots that the site is closed and to respect this decision and please do not fly this site.
The PSA committee is looking in to what the circumstances are, but for the sake of our sites can all PSA members (or visiting pilots) please DO NOT FLY THIS SITE until officially notified by the PSA Committee.
Any breaches of the notice will have long term consequences.
We will up – date the membership, once we have more information.
A sad day indeed.
The PSA Committee. ...

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Hi all,

Me and Gemma Bee missed the DSC repack this year as we were abroad and have been procrastinating since. Was going to do ours when we next get good weather but then thought there might be other people in the club that might have missed it and need theirs doing too.
I've spoken to Lee Hamilton Cooper and if there are some people interested we might be able to have a mini repack session at the gliding club. Anyone interested? ...

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Interesting to see a POV helivac beach rescue that occurred over the weekend. ...

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Nice little pootle out towards Lincolnshire today with Richard Carter, Joe Ashman and Mike Tinker. Pushing South from Bradwell put a few people on the deck, but Joe and I scraped up from just behind Eyam, and we pretty much all flew together after that. Apart from Richard who was generally 500' higher than the rest of us! Really long glides and weak thermals over North Nottinghamshire meant that we were on the deck just as we'd done all the hard crosswinding stuff and were clear of RHADS. Not a great distance and very slow-going, but great fun (perhaps apart from the roller-coaster climb over Sports Direct) in good company :) ...

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