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Good progress is being made by the engineers. The bank has been reinforced and the walls being rebuilt.
Hopefully an opening date will be before the end of September.

Dave M

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Nearly there -- some walling left to finish and the road to be resurfaced then a general site clean up.

Hopefully 2-3 weeks should see it finished and open............!

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Apparently the road from Great Hucklow to the gliding club will be open next Friday, Friday the 13th Oct, 2017 !!!
According to a couple of blokes doing the tarmacing 

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Thanks for the update and this is the known DCC target. As there have been a couple of hiccups in the last few weeks mainly due to ancient/rickety stone walls collapsing when disturbed, that have lead to unexpected delays we must be careful with early predictions. The plan is (or was 2 days ago) to open the road from the Barrel end to the road junction up to Camphill and keep the stretch from the junction into Great Hucklow closed. This is so the council can safely remove their huts cabins and waste material from the road side. This may take a few extra days into the week staring Monday 16th.

The current tarmacking is, I believe to lay the base for the final layer next week.

So unless you are approaching from the south and east my suggestion is that you go round the Hope Valley as you may have been doing until the whole road is opened. This will keep traffic in Gt Hucklow to minimum and prevent wasted journeys.

At the gliding club we are keeping this quiet until we know for certain, probably Friday itself.

I am in touch with the council and will update this site as soon as I now the exact position I will visit the site during the week and keep this site posted as soon as I know anything.

Dave M

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Friday looks as though it probably may not happen. There is still some tarmacing and road side verge repairs to be done.

Quality control will then need tp inspect the work. Much of the ancillary equipment has gone so hopefully there will be no need to keep the lower section to Gt Hucklow closed and final snagging should be minimal. I am keeping my fingers crossed for over the weekend or very early next week

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Stop press
The Camphill Lane road works appear complete. However the road remains closed. The Great Hucklow Barrel Road along Eyam Edge however is open.

Most of the site equipment has been removed, but there is small amount of clearing up to be completed and all kinds of temporary signs to be removed.

I will visit am Saturday 14th Oct so please watch this space.
Dave Martin

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Even later stop  press _ late news

Camphill Lane will be open from the end of the working day on Saturday 14th October.

Regards Dave Martin DLGC

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Now fully open --but please take care w few signs remain and there may be workmen around for a few days into next, as they finish clearing up