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Public Chat / HG Top landing Mam Tor
« Last post by Hudson on Today at 09:25 »
Gordon Gigg`s Hang gliding video of Top Landing Mam Tor.
In my view Gordon takes a Top landing approach that is a little to far down wind.
I am not sure what the wind speed was but if more than 15 mph. There is usually sink or rotor down wind of a line from the L shaped broken down wall to the Trig point.
Link to Video?
Public Chat / Re: Amazing photos.
« Last post by John Warden on Sunday 26 March 2017: 12:12 »
Done! Good idea Steve
Public Chat / Camphill Lane Closure - update
« Last post by DaveMartin1st on Friday 24 March 2017: 10:10 »
Work will start on repairing Camphill Lane, the road up to the gliding club from the Great Hucklow Barrel Road on 24th April 2017. (Provisional time scale a couple of months)

The road from Gt Hucklow to the Barrel will be closed from the top of the lane to Grindlow to the top of Bradshaw Lane. This is to allow safe access  and movement of contractors plant.

School Lane will remain open but footpaths close to the site will be closed for safety reasons
Public Chat / Re: site to site xc?
« Last post by Hudson on Friday 17 March 2017: 10:10 »
Scot. who are the winners?
What are the prizes for next year. Airwhere?
Flymaster New Light,Simple?
Public Chat / Re: Amazing photos.
« Last post by IkarusDickarus on Thursday 16 March 2017: 09:09 »
Rarely see the top of my wing (fortunately for me!) - but this sight I will never get sick of ;)

Public Chat / Re: Amazing photos.
« Last post by Moses on Wednesday 15 March 2017: 00:12 »
done Steve
Introductions / Newbie intro - Seth Barber
« Last post by Seth on Tuesday 14 March 2017: 11:11 »
Hi... I've already met quite a few of you (thanks to everyone for being so friendly and helpful so far!) but thought I should also do the forum intro.

Just passed my CP and bought a blue Ion 3.  I live a few minutes down the ridge from Cats Tor so hoping to get up there as soon as the wind drops a bit (sadly the approach to my back garden has a power line running across it, otherwise...).

If anyone who has suggestions for good ground handling sites close to me (i.e. whaley bridge/chapel/macclesfield direction?) ... there must be some kind of playing field or similar as well as cluttering up landing sites, but I can't think of anywhere suitable...?

Looking forward to meeting more of you out on the hill as the weather improves.

Public Chat / Re: Amazing photos.
« Last post by Hudson on Wednesday 08 March 2017: 17:05 »
Dear Ash
Your wing?
Darkness video. just for fun.
Public Chat / Re: Amazing photos.
« Last post by Ash on Monday 06 March 2017: 21:09 »
It's hard enough for those of us who are out a lot to identify pilots in the air, so this kind of incentive would definitely help the vast majority of members to get to know each other.
Public Chat / Amazing photos.
« Last post by Hudson on Saturday 04 March 2017: 09:09 »
You all must have amazing (or just good) photos of your flying machines. You can upload one to our website. Click Profile, click Forum profile. Click upload an Avatar (upload a Photo)
Then like magic we can all see your amazing wing.

Seriously it will help us all know who is who.
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