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Public Chat / Re: Pg hill environment question.
« Last post by Dave S on Saturday 18 November 2017: 16:04 »
Sorry to join the debate late.. As Chris says, the two pilots should resolve the potential conflict before it is too late. If they are heading towards each other, the 'break right' rule means that they each have to tighten their turn and risk a spin.

Dave Scrivener
Public Chat / Bonfire and Fireworks at the Gliding Club 2018
« Last post by DaveMartin1st on Thursday 16 November 2017: 19:07 »
I appreciate that this is a little early, however!

Sunday November 11th 2018 will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1.

Plans are being made for a thousands of beacons to be lit across the UK. Local parishes are joining national celebrations to mark this event and the gliding club hope to be involved by lighting a beacon on the south west corner of the airfield on what is one of the highest and most visible places in the area. With its easy access Camphill may be a focal point for some sort of ceremony. As you would expect full details of the arrangements are still being planned.

At present the gliding club anticipate that following whatever ceremony is arranged the normal fireworks will follow.

Public Chat / Re: Road Closure News
« Last post by DaveMartin1st on Thursday 16 November 2017: 19:07 »
All open and working for a coupe of weeks now. Thanks for everyone's tolerance
Dave M.

Commercial Listings / Delta2 for sale
« Last post by Gary Holtby on Tuesday 14 November 2017: 11:11 »
My Delta2 is for sale. Recently serviced by Aerofix and still a great wing but I’ve been seduced into the purchase of a new U P Trango x-race. So Offers around £700. Gary H. 07899,650830
Public Chat / Re: Lords seat / windy knoll
« Last post by Hudson on Wednesday 01 November 2017: 12:12 »
Paragliding was a seriously dangerous sport but knowledge and great design has made it much safer. Some say fool proof.

“A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.” Douglas Adams.
Introductions / Re: New Member - Mark Heptonstall
« Last post by SteveC on Tuesday 31 October 2017: 20:08 »
See if you can get in touch with Lee Pearce, either on here or the DSC facebook page, he lives down your way and is involved in a towing club down there....
Public Chat / Lords seat / windy knoll
« Last post by Moses on Sunday 29 October 2017: 20:08 »
Pray tell , what possesses a pilot to land in Windy Knoll when the wind is Northerly and quite strong? , i saw one as i was driving past and apparently 2 did. regardless of lack of experience, not looking at site guides, not asking advice , surely basic knowledge should be enough to know flying and landing at the lee side of any structure (never mind somewhere as large as said spineback  ) will only lead to a bad ending , this time 2 got away with it.
Public Chat / Re: Useful weather forecasting
« Last post by Teriya on Saturday 21 October 2017: 10:10 »
Bill Nye is is a great guy. Btw nice website, pretty useful ;)

mailowa baza firm
Public Chat / Re: Road Closure News
« Last post by DaveMartin1st on Saturday 14 October 2017: 15:03 »
Now fully open --but please take care w few signs remain and there may be workmen around for a few days into next, as they finish clearing up

Public Chat / Re: Road Closure News
« Last post by DaveMartin1st on Friday 13 October 2017: 18:06 »
Even later stop  press _ late news

Camphill Lane will be open from the end of the working day on Saturday 14th October.

Regards Dave Martin DLGC

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