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Public Chat / Re: wanted
« Last post by Hudson on Today at 08:42 »
Mr Moses
You need to contact Lee Cooper for Mentor 4
Before the Darkness can take you away.
Commercial Listings / For sale: Full Kit under 10 hours
« Last post by darmo on Tuesday 14 February 2017: 12:12 »
I am selling my equipment :
 U turn emotion 3 size M (recommended start weight 85-105kg)
U-turn RX3 harness size L,
U-turn PROTECT III RIS L - 140 KG 38m² reserve,
Ozone concertina bag,
Ozone nutshell helmet .
Syride SYS'One V3 vario

£1800 for everything

All of the equipment is like new
Commercial Listings / Nova Mentor 3 Light Small
« Last post by tinkerm on Sunday 12 February 2017: 14:02 »
I'm selling my Nova Mentor 3 Light . I've already got a new glider for next season. Its in excellent condition, as I fly my Mentor 2 in the winter. I've only had it for two summer seasons. So its spotless.  Used for Approx 100hrs in total that's for me and its previous owner. He gave it the  20 hrs trim tune at the Loft just before I bought it. Reasonable offers in the region of
Public Chat / Re: wanted
« Last post by Drew on Tuesday 07 February 2017: 18:06 »
Public Chat / wanted
« Last post by Moses on Monday 06 February 2017: 22:10 »
I am on the look out for a post cp wing for a friend , all up weight aprox 65kg must be pink or pink (ish)
Public Chat / Re: site to site xc?
« Last post by Hudson on Sunday 29 January 2017: 16:04 »
It would  be good to have video site guides to all the sites. PSA?
Public Chat / Re: Skyman single-skin
« Last post by Drew on Thursday 26 January 2017: 13:01 »
nice wing, thanks for sharing. Not sure I'd fancy that takeoff!
Public Chat / Skyman single-skin
« Last post by Hudson on Wednesday 25 January 2017: 14:02 »
Let's talk about Sir Edmund's basic facts and his flight characteristics.

The first size available of Sir Edmund is 20m2 and it is certified according to LTF and EN B. That wing is made for a weight range of 70 to 100kg. With it's unbelievable weight of only 1,58kg it currently is the lightest available single-skin AND additionally it possesses the complete flight and load test capability.

At take-off Sir Edmund shows a persuasive, easy handling. A short and slight impulse is enough to make Sir Edmund stand stable above the pilot's head - without any tendency to break out or dash forward. The handling is pretty much straight forward, so that you can easily circle in thermals. Glider available from DSC 2017
Public Chat / Oludeniz 2017
« Last post by Hudson on Thursday 19 January 2017: 18:06 »
Fun video music by Spring King.

Prices for Turkey 2017 are cheep, book now and hope, prices don`t rise weather is good. where sunscreen.
Public Chat / Re: Sir George Cayley Sailwings Club membership for 2017
« Last post by Hudson on Thursday 19 January 2017: 10:10 »
A Great HG/PG Club on the East coast. With a friendly welcome to new members
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