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Safety / Incident on Rushup - 25/5/17
« Last post by ChrisD on Friday 26 May 2017: 08:08 »
Unfortunately yesterday Dave Bell was involved in an accident yesterday. I was on the lower take off with a number of pilots waiting to launch. My radio was on 143.950 I am not sure if any warnings were issued that an air ambulance had been dispatched and was inbound, but as far as I am aware nobody on the lower launch was aware of what had happened.

I saw a helicopter approach from the direction of Rowter Farm and land at the bottom of Rushup. Despite it's colour I stupidly didn't realise it was an air ambulence. Once it had shut down I started to scratch up towards the trees at which point Mark Bosher shouted a warning and I immediately landed where upon two other pilots informed me what had happened. I apologise to all the members of the club for what was a very poor decision but genuine mistake on my part.

Public Chat / Re: Amazing photos.
« Last post by Hudson on Wednesday 24 May 2017: 12:12 »
Helen. log on to Forum-Profile-Account settings-username displayed?
I think.
Public Chat / Re: Amazing photos.
« Last post by Helen on Tuesday 23 May 2017: 13:01 »
Just tried to change my name from Grouse which I used on the old website to my real name on this one, can't see how to edit it though?
Public Chat / Re: RHADS open or not?
« Last post by Helen on Tuesday 23 May 2017: 13:01 »
Worksop was open on the Skeggy day earlier this year. It was opened quite a few times last year. There was a problem with communicating its status to people who'd been briefed but these problems with the texting system have been sorted, thanks Drew.   They wouldn't open Worksop again today.
Public Chat / Re: RHADS open or not?
« Last post by Drew on Monday 22 May 2017: 18:06 »
Steve, all valid questions. Sounds like a great job for someone to sink their teeth into!
Public Chat / RHADS open or not?
« Last post by Hudson on Sunday 21 May 2017: 16:04 »
UPTON Activated at 2017-05-21 11:15
It seems the ATC are happy to open the Upton airspace.  lifting the airspace by 500 ft
I wonder if they really need airspace down to 4000ft?
Ash tried to open the Worksop corridor last week that told him they were using the North runway. Was this the truth? how do we check.
Worksop seems to have gone wrong. Last year was it open at all? This year?
Introductions / Hi, New Members
« Last post by ChrisD on Saturday 20 May 2017: 11:11 »
If you have recently qualified you might find this site and some of the links useful. It includes all the stuff I have helpful from my I started learning in Jan 2016 so all pretty current.

If you think anything else might be useful I can quickly add it.

Here's the site link:

Chris Dervin - New Members Officer
Public Chat / Re: Useful weather forecasting
« Last post by ChrisD on Saturday 20 May 2017: 11:11 »
Interesting. Added to the weather links on my website, so I don't lose it.
Public Chat / Useful weather forecasting
« Last post by dinger10 on Saturday 20 May 2017: 09:09 »
Flyer magazine host a useful weather forecasting service offered by Simon Keeling. He usually charges now but this is available for free still via Flyer. His "look aheads" really help understand synoptic charts. Have a scan.

PS next weekend looking ok, Buttermere Bash less so :-(
Commercial Listings / Re: Nova Mentor 3 Light Small
« Last post by Hudson on Friday 19 May 2017: 09:09 »
Mentor 3 Red £1300
Great EN B wing 80-100kg in excellent condition no repairs,no SIV,No water or sand. Manufactured 2013. Test fly in Derbyshire? 0776 2729663 Steve.
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