Road Closure Proposal -- Abney

Road Closure Proposal -- Abney
« on: Monday 11 December 2017: 12:12 »
I have just received notification of a proposed road closure in Abney.

The closure will be to the west of Abney towards Camphill, in the wooded area where the road crosses a small stream, known locally as the Bonk.

It will not affect access to or from Duper Lane from the east - Hathersage side or from Brough. But there will be no access to Duper Lane from the Camphill Abney Grange Side. I am sure that road closure signs will be in place at the time.

This part of the road has been getting worse due to increased traffic caused by the road closure to the west. The work has been delayed to ensure that access to Abney - Abney Grange, has been maintained.
I will update this site as and when I know any more.

Details from DDDC

Currently the proposals are as follows, this work will take place in the first few weeks of March 2018 under a road closure. Obviously the contentious part is the road closure as you all will have had two and a half years of the road being closed at Camphill Lane. Due to safety considerations DDDC cannot undertake the repair works without a closure due to its narrow width. Cyclist and pedestrians will be allowed passage however, when safe to do so. In addition during the evenings and night time we will have to keep the road barriered off due to the depth of excavation being left open.

I anticipate this work to take three weeks to complete and we would try and work weekends where possible (but with the workforce on gritting duties this would be subject to change at short notice), approximately 25m of new retaining wall will be built with a new concrete foundation sat into the steep embankment (and not on top of the embankment which is half the problem at the moment).

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« Reply #1 on: Saturday 06 January 2018: 12:12 »
The Gliding Club have now received notification from DDDC that the road through Abney Clough as above will be closed for repairs from Monday 5th March for up to three weeks - that is until Sunday 25th March.

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« Reply #2 on: Sunday 21 January 2018: 15:03 »
Thanks Dave, hopefully they manage the job on time this time,
It would be nice if they went on to re surface Duper lane after that...

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« Reply #3 on: Monday 05 February 2018: 18:06 »
Please note change of dates due to workforce and budgetary issues.

DCC  will now undertake this work over the period 9th April to the  29th of April.


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« Reply #4 on: Thursday 08 February 2018: 15:03 »
Work on Abney lane 9th April.
It would be great for us if the road works could include Dupa lane

As you know the access to Bradwell Edge from Abney is not good. Dupa lane has serious pot holes. You can help with Dupa lane by reporting the road damage to the web page below.

I have reported the potholes on Dupa Lane Abney. I have stated that it is impassable for an ambulance at the moment.

The road crew will be there from the 19th April, May be they can do two jobs in one week.


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« Reply #5 on: Monday 12 February 2018: 19:07 »
Hi Steve,

When we reported potholes last year this is the guy who came out to have a look. He offered to keep his eye on things and schedule hedge trimming etc. If you can describe where the worst holes are he will probably go and have a look, worth giving him a ring:

Patrick Mountain
Rights of Way Assistant
Shand House
01629 539659
Chris Dervin - PG Advanced Pilot
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Re: Road Closure Proposal -- Abney
« Reply #6 on: Monday 12 February 2018: 23:11 »
Hi all,

At the request of Abney Parish Council I attended a meeting last week where a member of the DCC Highways team was present.

The road repair under consideration should have been completed in March, but the money has all been spent and so the Council are into next years budget. The main road through Abney is their major concern and no mention was made of Duper Lane being included in the works.  There are no properties off the land, money is tight and I would  imagine Duper Lane is very low priority.

I have no other ideas other than to suggest that the only action you have is, as some are doing, to make complaints to the  council.

Dave Martin