Your Club Needs You

The DSC is run by a committee of volunteers who are elected at each AGM for the following year.. If there are vacancies during the year or the committee sees fit for any reason they can also co-opt members until the next AGM when a new committee is elected.

Some of you will be accustomed to the usual notification that goes out in August or September asking for nominations for committee posts and outlining arrangements for elections if there are multiple candidates for the same post.

I am writing this in early July to warn the club that there is a great need for volunteers over the next year. We are aware that few of our members see themselves as committee types and prefer to leave all that to others but without you stepping forward the club cannot function!

While all of the posts are up for election every year we have not had more than one candidate for any post for the last five years or so and volunteers have sometimes been hard to find. Recruiting new members has often been by co-option and has involved targeting likely candidates and persuading them to volunteer. It is important that the process should now be,and be seen to be, open and democratic but to achieve this we need willing volunteers.

This year several of the holders of key posts have indicated that they will not be standing for re-election at the AGM and it is vital that some new blood takes on any of the roles and carries the club forward.
Serving on the committee is not onerous..
It involves attending a few meetings at the gliding club….whist around 10 are scheduled each year, a couple are always cancelled due to the pressure of events or lack of business so only around 8 each year take place. We are currently looking to use the better internet connection at Camphill in order to allow those living further away to take part remotely.
On top of that there is the work involved in carrying out the role to which you are elected and this is best ascertained by consulting the definitions here and by talking to the current occupant of the post who will be happy to describe what they do, help with any handover and probably be available to give advice and support over the coming months too.

All roles are open to all so please consider giving some of your time and talents to the service of the DSC, it’s a great club and its large membership and good relationships make it an important part of the community and of the sport.
The specific roles that NEED to be filled at the AGM are:

  • Webmaster
  • Safety Officer
  • Social Secretary
  • Chairman
    But if you would consider any of the others please put yourself forward.

We have a mass of talent and enthusiasm in our large membership and now we need some of it to be channelled in this direction so if you are newer pilot and have not yet done your bit for the club or if you are an old hand who has not done much for some time please consider a stint on committee. I think it’s good fun and it gives you a much better understanding of how we manage to keep us all flying with relatively little hassle and good support.

If you are interested, or even if you think you know someone who may be, please get in touch with any committee member and have a proper look into what’s involved.

Hoping to hear from many of you in the near future!
Denis Walker
Chairman (retiring)

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