Airspace V DSC


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Airspace V DSC
« on: Thursday 18 July 2019: 09:09 »
As you know the Peak district is surrounded by airspace.
As a club we know little about how/when and the frequency of the usage of the surrounding airspace. 
We know that more aircraft flights are made outside airspace then inside with very few incidents.
We have no cross communication with Manchester/East midlands/Leeds or Doncaster.

So, what i would like to do is set up a small group of pilots who are interested in airspace. With the intention of forging links with the surrounding airspace users. Finding out the reality of airspace use in our area.
Hoping to give the DSC more options for XC by negotiation.
For instance? East midlands

Will air transport grow as NATS have predicted
Do jets pollute? if they do then will the commercial industry grow as NATS have said?
who are NATS?
CAp 1616
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Re: Airspace V DSC
« Reply #1 on: Monday 12 August 2019: 12:12 »
There's already a mechanism for this... it's the Regional Airspace Users Working Group. Martin Baxter of the Dales Club attends it and sends minutes to the BHPA and to local clubs (the group he attends is a North / Midlands one).

What might we gain by doing something else on top of this (considering this group already has links into all the Airports and the Military)?

My concern would be that we'd get no engagement and only annoy the other stakeholders by trying to do our own thing outside of a currently established channel.

Martin's happy for people to attend if they want to see what occurs, normally the meetings are up in the Vale of York at one of the gliding clubs or a Military airfield.



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Re: Airspace V DSC
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 14 August 2019: 12:12 »
Dear Mike.
Can i have a list of RHADS activators please. I would like to ask the Activators if they are prepared to ring Sampton over the next 10 weeks to see if it is open. Then publish on the web site Airspace page.
God bless Martin Baxter. Mike do you get the RAUWG emails?
The DSC constitution requires us to promote flying for our members not just leave it to Martin?
As I see it the DSC pilots want to be able to fly XC from Cats tor. Can martin explain why it is not possible. What Manchester use that part of there airspace for and if they use it when the wind is Westerly?
May be Manchester are saving that airspace in case of an emergency. An emergency that happens on a day when they can`t inform other air users that they have an emergency?

There is lots of East midlands category D airspace that we should be able to transit when the wind is Northerly.
can Martin sort that please.
Manchester has some category A airspace at TMA 3500 North of us that prevents XC in Southerly winds do they in fact use that airspace down to 3500ft?
My point is as a club we need to be pushing for what we want. To do that we have to identify what we want and then who to push. That may include pushing Martin.

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Re: Airspace V DSC
« Reply #3 on: Sunday 18 August 2019: 17:05 »
Sorry to step into this late.

I believe members of the gliding and other local club are involved with the user group and they have established wave boxes with strict procedures and compulsory use of radio. May be in winds too strong for hang and paragliders. If air traffic is quite Robin Hood will allow fixed wing gliders through their airspace subject to a radio call even better with a transponder.


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Re: Airspace V DSC
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 04 September 2019: 10:10 »
This part of the DSC web site must be the hot spot to be on at the moment.
 Manchester airspace and you.

DSC needs your help. Please Check this out,-2.18/9 for fun or.
Call to members?
We need some one to monitor 11am to 6pm as often as they can. for two weeks the airspace Cat A 3500 above Penistone also the Cat D airspace 4500 above Hemsworth east of Barnsley.
Also Some one to monitor the Leeds Bradford cat D airspace over Halifax,
The idea is to have a record of actually what height the aircraft in the area are actually flying.
Can some one monitor the Daventry 4500 cat A airspace south of Manchester also may be the Cat D airspace 2500/3500.
Last but not least can some one monitor the Cat D 3000/3500 east of Cats tor. also the Cat A 4500 over Buxton.
If members could do this great. Please note wind direction on the days monitored and the landing direction used.

We need an idea of the actual use of airspace. Can you email me the results please.
You can use the app for 30 mins at a time, free. I learned not to fly over Glossop (VRP) above 3500ft.

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