Top 10 videos?


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Top 10 videos?
« on: Tuesday 09 April 2019: 09:09 »
DSC pilots top videos? Can you all put up a link to your best loved video and a reason for your choice?

This is a great adventure and you can feel the pilots spirit and joy. There is even a sadness in their achievement, The adventure is done. Mt Elbrus=wow.


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Re: Top 10 videos?
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 10 April 2019: 08:08 »
Nice video. Impressive how they manage to fly together. Best days flying I have had in the Alps were guided in a group by Chris White helps to make transitions you probably won't think of making on your own with less knowledge. You can tell the guys in the video are true Germans landing out on a high bivy, drinking the beer they have carried then go for a long hike to find water :-)
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