Wind machine

Wind machine
« on: Friday 29 March 2019: 09:09 »
I know the wind machine is running and a select few have access to it.

When will the data become available to club members?
why is it taking so long?
Was club funds used to create it?
I agree with the idea that we should put the info here on our website to encourage people to use this website resource.
However if club funds have been used to create the wind machine, but ti is taking a long time to write what is needed to get the data on here, then the data should be made public by whatever means possible immediately.
The method of publication can be moved to the website later, and will bring more people because it they are already fixated on using the data.
So please lets have some sort of quick sh1t way to get the data to our members!
The data should not be available to a select few, who don't share it. (unless it is a private enterprise and they paid for it without club funds).


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Re: Wind machine
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 06 April 2019: 08:08 »
Yes the DSC is paying for the weather machine. The DLGC is hosting it.
As far as i know the wind machine is not giving the correct wind direction readings. The members tasked with the job are trying to sort out the issues. (Also there is some politics with the DLGC)
yes I am sure they have access but I am told the information it gives is not correct.
The Members tasked were asked to give an update at the next committee meeting. May be you would like to attend?
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Re: Wind machine
« Reply #2 on: Tuesday 09 April 2019: 13:01 »
when/where would that meeting be Steve?


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Re: Wind machine
« Reply #3 on: Saturday 20 April 2019: 08:08 »
Dear Gordon.
Weather station will be on the agenda for the next Committee meeting at Camp Hill.
As the DSC is supplying the weather station for our members and the DLGC members may be they would like to host a webcam showing more of the ridge than this one?


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Re: Wind machine
« Reply #4 on: Wednesday 24 April 2019: 08:08 »
Good idea Steve, meanwhile I have updated my weather links to include DLGC webcam and Spingys.
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Re: Wind machine
« Reply #5 on: Saturday 25 May 2019: 09:09 »

Is there any further news on the wind machine ?



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Re: Wind machine
« Reply #6 on: Sunday 26 May 2019: 01:01 »
Bernard, there's now a page for the new weather station at Camphill here:
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