Bradwell Edge -- safe flying for all!

Bradwell Edge -- safe flying for all!
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It’s that time of the year again, a long layoff and the weather brightens up and we all want to fly. A light westerly wind Bradwell Edge starts to work its magic on us and the whichever end of it we choose to fly from, fixed wing or flexible the urge is the same!

At the south end pilots need currency checks involving circuits, real and simulated cable breaks, cross wind launches and landings. Others think it may be waving, yes even in light winds like yesterday and mixed in with this we have trainee pilots wanting to demonstrate their skill. Similar passions are aroused at either of the ridge, the simple love of flying over the Peak District. I also understand that many current flex-wing pilots are new to soaring Bradwell.  On top of this there are the old politics of Bradwell Edge along with the desire that we all fly safely.

All I want to say is that when the weather is like yesterday the area along the ridge to the north of the gliding club known as the bowl below 500ish feet above the ridge becomes a traffic hot spot. The work load for pilots of fixed wing gliders wanting to land at Camphill is high. The presence of a numbers of para-gliders in this area presents a hazard and concern to all, especially the less experienced. Yesterday para-gliders and hang gliders were observed ridge soaring just above the edge and along the boundary of Camphill airfield. A broken dynema cable draped over a flex-wing will make a mess! Several hundred meters of 5 mm of steel cable does not bear thinking about - please stay clear!

As new soaring season starts this is meant as a timely reminder to all that, please when sailplanes come out to play they need space. Sailplanes travel at 50-60knots in circuit, a virtually stationary para-glider presents a huge obstacle, 2 or 3 as yesterday with a couple of, hang gliders multiples that danger exponentially. Go round is not always an option!  I do not want to get into old arguments about who can fly where and when, simply appealing for some common sense, airmanship and consideration. I also know it works both ways.

So please when flying Bradwell have a care for everyone. You know it makes sense!

Happy Soaring

Dave Martin the 1st
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Re: Bradwell Edge -- safe flying for all!
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Dave makes some good safety points.

If You fly with the Sail-plains make sure you understand how they fly in the area.
Make sure you know how to spot when a sail plane wants to launch.
Do not be at the winch end when one is launching. The sail-plain may be dragging or releasing a broken cable.
This will kill you.
Make sure you spot what the sail-plain landing approach path is on the day. It is the most critical part of a sail-plain flight. It is simple to identify and make the appropriate alterations in your flight plan.
Some times things go wrong but with a little understanding and consideration we can all be better pilots.


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Re: Bradwell Edge scrub clearing?
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To create an emergency slope landing area at Rebellion
Any one up for scrub clearing at the north end of Bradwell edge. Rebellion Knoll. This Sunday 10am.
Please bring gloves and tools.
Bradwell (pop, 1,700, with a quarter of residents over 60) was, so it is said, originally populated by renegade Christians sent by the Romans to the edge of the empire to work in the lead mines. It is also the birthplace of Samuel Fox, inventor of the modern umbrella


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Re: Bradwell Edge -- safe flying for all!
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After picture
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