New Club Pilot looking for experience!

New Club Pilot looking for experience!
« on: Saturday 16 February 2019: 18:06 »
Evening!  I have just completed my CP Paragliding at Crickhowell, Wales and I am looking to gain some flying experience in the Peaks! I have my own kit, so I am just looking for some coaching and people to fly with to gain my 10hr+ to progress!  Looking forward to getting stuck in to this fantastic sport and getting to know people in the club!  I haven’t joined the club yet as I get moved around the country every so often so I am hoping to get a couple of Temporary Memberships before I find out a permanent base.




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Re: New Club Pilot looking for experience!
« Reply #1 on: Sunday 17 February 2019: 12:12 »
Hi Matt,

Well done on gaining your CP. You might struggle a little with temp memberships which last 10 days and coaching unless there is a prolonged weather window. Hopefully see you on the hill sometime.

Chris Dervin

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